the Integrated Smart Heat Map Camera (VT-COUNT-SFYH) is a smart 360° panoramic network camera with integrated functionalities including image capture, people counting and data transmission. Adopting deep learning algorithms, the product features accuracy of people counting that tops the industry. By automatically detecting the people and target locations within the area per 10s, the customer distribution in the store can be intuitively presented on the backend platform via the heat map, so as to provide advice for the adjustment to store layout and optimization of goods display. Built with a design plan conforming to international standards, the product meets the criteria of EU CE Certification, RoHS Certification, National Standard Testing and Certification by the Ministry of Public Security of PRC, etc. With its aesthetic design, wide visual angle, practical functionalities and high accuracy of detection, the Integrated Smart Heat Map Camera is a specialized product of business intelligence that is perfectly applicable to commercial properties, chain stores and other scenarios.

  1. Integrated functionalities including image capture, people counting and data transmission;
  2. 2. People counting accuracy ≥98% thanks to deep learning algorithms which can address image distortion at different angles;
  3. Super computing power provided by multi-chip architecture design;
  4. A extensive coverage of up to 100m2 of a single camera based on 360° panoramic view;
  5. Over 2 year of front-end data storage enabled by an 8GB built-in EMMC memory;
  6. Patented industrial design, covert and delicate appearance, exerting a perfect effect of surface installation to the ceiling;
  7. Support for Power over Ethernet (POE) to simplify the layout of power cables;
  8. Energy conservation and environment friendliness presented by a low power consumption (not higher than 6W);
  9. Support for continuous data transmission after network outage – automatic data uploading upon network reconnection as prevention of data loss.

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